Le Blog-notes d’Oliver Masbou

Since 1 April 2013, Olivier Masbou has been an associate journalist with the Socopag press agency. Along with his colleagues, he contributes to a number of publications, mainly in the agricultural trade press and the regional daily press (www.socopag.com). He is also the Paris correspondent for the magazine Antilles agricoles.

Olivier Masbou is also a member of the steering committee for Medfel, the business meeting place for the Mediterranean fruit and vegetable trade; a member of the jury for the Sival d’or awards; and a member of the jury for the ” One of the best workers in France, fruit and vegetable class ” competition. He is the editorial adviser to professional organisations for the production of their newsletters (UGPBAN, etc.).

He regularly organises and moderates round tables at trade fairs, general meetings and professional conferences (Afflec, UNFD, CNIPT, Felcoop, etc.).

He is a member of the Commanderie des gastronomes ambassadeurs de Rungis.

Previously, Olivier Masbou spent 15 years as a journalist, then editor-in-chief of fld hebdo, the weekly business newspaper for the fruit and vegetable sector. He was also a trainer at Ifocap (1991-1996) and a press correspondent (Midi Libre, Centre Presse, etc.). (see CV). Olivier Masbou is a graduate of Celsa.