2 Days of exhibition

  • A concentrated format for greater efficiency
  • A condensed appointment schedule
  • A duration tailored to visitor expectations

7 Exhibition sectors

  • Production
  • Import/Export
  • Logistics and Transport
  • Packaging
  • Process/equipment
  • Engineering
  • MedFlor: cut flowers and seeds market vertical – NEW

230 Exhibitors committed to sustainability

French and Internationals

  • Fruit and Vegetable market operators
  • Organic market operators
  • Temperature controlled transport and logistics providers
  • Food processors
  • Packaging
  • Seeds companies
  • Biocontrol
  • Processing suppliers
  • Start-ups

4,000 Professional visitors

  • Mass retail: all the main retail brands in attendance
  • Retailers
  • Group purchasing organisations
  • Wholesalers
  • Import/export
  • Out-of-home catering
  • Processing manufacturers

25 Contributions by professionals in live events

  • 2 special guest speakers will offer an economic, sociological and critical perspective of the sector
  • 8 debates and round tables on the sector’s key challenges
  • 3 forecasts for European summer fruit harvests
  • 12 exhibitor speaking opportunities
  • 1 forecast for European peach/ nectarine harvests on digital as part of medFEL Tuesdays

100 International VIP buyers

  • Selected, invited and accompanied by the exhibition
  • Targeted and interested in purchasing fruit & vegetables and services for their logistics
  • In attendance for the full 2 day duration

1,500 Business Meetings

  • A user-friendly online appointment platform
  • Meetings on booths

1 Innovation area

The Lab’Innov by medFEL

A genuine innovation forum dedicated to start-ups involved in the challenges of the future and offering innovative products and/or services

  • Eco-friendly Initiatives
  • Innovative technological solutions
  • Cold chain management software
  • Harvest optimisation processes
  • Eco-friendly products and services

Prévisions européennes de récolte des fruits d’été

European harvest forecasts for summer fruits

Retrouvez les prévisions de récolte des abricots, pêches, nectarines et les prévisions de plantation de melon charentais 2023

Find out about the harvest forecasts for apricots, peaches, nectarines and the 2023 Charentais melon planting forecasts