The Cinatur group specialises in the production of citrus fruit in Spain, with 4,000 hectares of owned production, 168 hectares of organic production and 8 packing stations.

In March 2019 Cinatur engaged in a new commitment, adopting a new multi-variety growing system spanning 300 hectares with a very short-term goal of becoming pesticide trace-free: BIODiversity Grow.

The BIODiversity Grow programme was born out of the observation that using pesticides threatens the health of both farmers and consumers. Massive inputs of chemical products in farming are also behind the decline in biodiversity in many areas and of the loss of genetic diversity which reduces the options available to combat pests.

BIODiversity Grow fulfils the 17 sustainable development goals contained within the UN’s programme for 2030.

With a range spanning clementines, dessert oranges, clemenvillas, juice oranges, nardocott, tang gold and orri mandarins, Cinatur’s BIODiversity Grow produces total output estimated at 10,000 tonnes.

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