The two Guest Speakers for medFEL 2024 revealed !

Discover now the two Guest Speakers for medFEL 2024 !


They will convey the medFEL commitment and offer their perspective on the main challenges facing the profession. At the 2024 show, the agronomic engineer and navigator Isabelle Autissier and the doctor in agricultural engineering and agricultural economist Tomás García Azcárate will join us to offer top quality content.



While she had an academic background in agronomic engineering, Isabelle Autissier became the first woman to sail around the world single handed in 1991. After a succession of ocean-bound adventures, she became president of WWF France in 2009. She has been Chairwoman of the Board of French Southern and Antarctic Territories since 2021.
Isabelle Autissier will be honouring us with her presence as Special Guest Speaker at medFEL 2024 and will deliver an exceptional talk in the exhibition’s Agora on 24 April, hosted by Florence Rabut, editor-in-chief of the magazine Végétable.


A doctor in agricultural engineering and an agricultural economist, Tomás García Azcárate is the former head of the Fruit and Vegetable bureau at the European Commission’s DG Agri. He was behind the creation of the Producers’ Organisations and today is a member of the French Society of Agriculture and a writer for the magazine Végétable.
We are privileged to welcome Tomás García Azcárate as Special Guest Speaker at medFEL 2024. He will answer questions from Olivier Masbou, associate journalist at Socopag, at a talk on the subject of “What European agricultural policy for fresh fruit and vegetables?” on 25 April in the medFEL Agora.




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