This year, medFEL has the pleasure of welcoming two Expert Guests, invited to provide their insight into the major issues and challenges facing the Fruit & Vegetable sectors. Here is the Headline…

David Djaïz.

An alumnus of École Normale Supérieure and the École Nationale d’Administration, and also a graduate in political philosophy from the Sorbonne, David Djaïz is currently a lecturer at Sciences Po. As an essayist, he offers an analysis of economic, ecological and societal problems in his works, which include Le nouveau modèle français  and La Guerre Civile n’aura pas lieu.

Crédit photo ©Romain Gaillaird


David Djaïz is one of the signatories of an op-ed published in Le Point on 28 January 2021 entitled Pour une république écologique (For an ecological republic), an excerpt of which reads: “We call for a new ecological Republic with citizenship at its heart instead of the constricted figure of the consumer. A Republic of equals where each person must be able to participate in the creation of the common good and in the promotion of ecological reconstruction.”

He is also a member of the Collectif des 40 which authored the Manifeste pour une échelle humaine (Manifesto for a human scale). This manifesto drawn up by 40 figures of civil society – business leaders, NGO heads, top civil servants, intellectuals and public office holders – offers another French path for the decade ahead: that of an ecological and altruistic Republic, on a new human scale.

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David Djaïz will honour us with his presence on Wednesday 27 April 2022 at a panel discussion on the theme of: “French agriculture, in the era of the competitive transition.”