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Trends, analysis, foresight and a sneak preview of harvest forecasts … medFEL is the place where industry professionals come to get information at source, gain inspiration and engage in dialogue.

Wednesday 22nd April

10:00: The key role of ports in sustainable logistics for fruit and vegetables, with Lluis Paris, sales manager of The Port of Barcelona, Olivier Carmes, chief executive of The Port of Sète.

11:00: FEL’Innov Challenge – Zero waste

12:30: Official exhibition inauguration

14:00: Special Guest – Serge Papin, consultant, former CEO of Système U.


15:00: Fruit and vegetables committed to sustainable and responsible farming, with Serge Papin, Marc de Nale, director of Demain la Terre, Gilles Bertrandias, president of the collective “Nouveaux Champs”, a representative of “eco-friendly orchards”, a representative of the National Association for the Development of the High Environmental Value Certification.

16:00: Forecasts for Melons, New potatoes, Ware potatoes  

17:00: “Organic, but not ugly” Cat. II fruit  and vegetables , with Serge Papin,  consultant, former CEO of Système U.



Thursday 23rd April

10:00: Forecasts for Peaches/nectarines, Apricots

11:15: Special Guest – Arnaud Montebourg,   entrepreneur, founder of Bleu Blanc Ruche,   former French minister


12:15: High school competition award ceremony

14:00: The role of fruit and vegetable production in the framework of the “4 per 1000 – Soils for Food Security and the Climate” initiative, with guests including Paul Luu, Executive Secretary of the 4 per 1000 initiative, a representative of the Association for the promotion of sustainable initiative, a scientist, a NGO representative.

15:00: Organic debate, with Arnaud   Montebourg, entrepreneur, founder of   Bleu Blanc Ruche, former French minister


16:00: What strategy for quality food in hospitals with an elected official, a representative of the National Food Council, a food psychologist.

Other issues examined:

+ Origin and quality markers (PDO, PGI, Label rouge)

+ Varietal research

Programme as at 29 January 2020, subject to modifications.

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