The FEL’INNOV Challenge is a competition for solutions that aim to improve the performance of farming activities and fruit and vegetable firms. Each candidate has 3 minutes to pitch their solution to a judging panel made up of experts and scientists.

This event, which will take place during the show, sets out to place innovation at the heart of the fruit & vegetable sector and thus help to bring about the convergence of the supply of innovative solutions with demand.


2020 theme: Innovation with positive environmental impact in the fruit and vegetable sector

6 key focuses:

  • Varietal innovations (resistance to disease and climate change)

  • Reduction of field inputs

  • Water or energy saving solutions at the plot and at the station

  • Eco-designed, biobased and / or biodegradable packaging

  • Recovery of co-products, waste and sorting differences

  • Logistics solutions (conservation, storage, transport) and new distribution

Register now!

You could win a free booth at medFEL 2021.

Why participate:

  • The opportunity of a free exhibition through the provision of a space for the winners to receive the press and prospects throughout the day of the challenge

  • A free forum for all medFEL visitors 54 countries represented by 6,000 professional visitors from the fruit and vegetable sector

  • A presence in the medFEL 2020 program given to all visitors, and visibility on the show website

  • A dedicated push mailing for the event to qualified prospects among the medFEL visitors

  • Each candidate leaves with their video pitch – mounted by a professional – a real advertising tool to promote their solution

To apply, it’s easy: fill in the online application grid before March 13, 2020.

We will announce the list of selected candidates in the following days and we will communicate all the elements to prepare your pitch!

Rediscover the 2019 winners

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