Chemical inputs: heading to « all zero »?
Thursday 28 April 2022
From 10:00 to 11:00
Trade show medFEL 2022
Space Agora

Chemical inputs: heading to « all zero »?

Presented by Florence RabutJournalist at Végétable

What is the common denominator between sustainable farming approaches or labels such as HVE (high environmental value), zero-trace or trace-free, Demain la terre or Bee Friendly®? They all offer the guarantee of using less chemical inputs or none at all, and thus reduce environmental impact, while the AB label (organic agriculture) guarantees an absence of synthetic chemical treatments.

Behind the reality of these positive approaches, an entire ecosystem is at work to identify, design, test and continually improve production systems towards new agricultural practices. What is the state of play in this area? Is reducing chemical inputs necessary and sufficient to pass as agro-ecology? What are the alternative solutions available, on stream or ahead, to cater to the substantial needs?

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