Organic at the heart of the show

Organic at medFEL

HVE certification of production and organic certification are the new hobbyhorses of the whole fruit and vegetable sector, which is reorganizing itself, notably under the effect of the EGALIM law. With the aim – among others – of promoting healthy, safe and sustainable food for all, it aims to achieve 50% of sustainable or label products (including organic products) in public catering by January 1, 2022.

medFEL gives pride of place to all these national and certified organic products, because the French terroir has so much to offer and is constantly innovating to meet these new expectations.

Come and meet the exhibitors offering labelled ranges with :

– The Organic Market by medFEL
Exhibitors’ range of organic fruit and vegetables is displayed at the entrance to the show in an organic market.

The Organic Road by medFEL
A circuit to help you identify organic products more quickly.

Take part in France’s largest organic fruit and vegetable showcase.

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