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Production, trading, trade, import-export, shipment of fruits & vegetablesTechnique, from planting to fruit & vegetable packaging (plan, equipment, greenhouse, packaging, fertilizer, services, ...Temperature-controlled transport and/or logistics of fresh fruits and vegetables

Environmental policies
RecyclingShort supply channelsAnti/zero wasteBiodiversitySoil conservationAgroecologyReduction of plasticEco-designed packagingEco-friendly transportCircular economyPermacultureWaste reclamation (compost, anaerobic digestion, etc)Publication of carbon footprint (environmental impact)Traceability, blockchain technologyOther environmental policy

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Labels :
Pesticide residue freeHVE – High Environmental ValueAOP – Protected Designation of OriginIGP – Protected Geographical IndicationOrganic farming / European labelsDemeterBio CohérenceNature & ProgrèsBio PartenaireOther labels

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Tell us your company news you would like to emphase through your participation at medFEL 2020 (new environmental and social policies, innovative solutions...)

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