Wednesday 27th April 2022


11:00AM – Agriculture and energy: what sustainable solutions to fight climate change?

By Margot Bibes and Laurent Barrau from BAYWA-RE

Combining agricultural production and electricity production on the same plot, a utopia? Agrivoltaism is today a concrete and sustainable solution limiting the impacts of climate change on fruit and vegetable crops. With the increase in extreme episodes (heat wave, hailstorm, frost, etc.), sensitive crops are protected thanks to raised structures and bifacial panels that allow light to pass through.

The workshop led by BayWa r.e., placed under the sign of exchange and conviviality, will aim to present our proven agrivoltaism technology to you as well as the first feedback. The opportunity to ask all your questions to our experts and to discover our AgriPV model as real as life!


12:00PM – La Compagnie des Amandes press conference

By Arnaud Montebourg and François Moulias

Event dedicated to press representatives


2:00PM – The supply chain challenges of reusable packaging

By Anaïs Ryterband from Pandobac

Packaging is an increasingly strategic subject for players in the fruit & vegetable sector. The AGEC law already imposes new obligations since it prohibits the over-packaging of Fruits & Vegetables in single-use plastic packaging for packaging weighing less than 1.5 kg. The reuse of packaging makes it possible to anticipate the next regulations which will inevitably affect packaging, under pressure from communities and companies. This conference will address the various issues and examine the advantages and disadvantages of using reusable packaging.


3:00PM – CargoBeamer an innovative technology

By Dr.-Ing. habil. Hans-Jürgen Weidemann from CargoBeamer

CargoBeamer is reinventing the future of logistics! We offer intelligent solutions in the field of intermodal traffic, in order to ensure the ecological transport by rail not only of craneable semi-trailers, but also of non-cranable semi-trailers. The globally unique CargoBeamer terminals allow horizontal loading of up to 36 semi-trailers onto a single freight train.


4:00 – How to automate a weekly harvest forecast and prevent the impact of climate risks?

By Patrick Armengaud and Serge Zaka from ITK

In a market with very volatile selling prices, Presto® is the first service to forecast the production of blocks for the following weeks. With Presto® free up time and automate sharp expertise to better sell production. Equipped with an artificial intelligence engine, Presto® makes it possible to better value fluctuating production such as old varieties and small tomato fruits. Once again this year, the arboriculture sector suffered from late frost on crops at a very sensitive stage. Prevent® is the only solution that can mitigate the risk of economic loss in the face of severe climatic hazards. Prevent® makes it possible to better prevent and alert producers to the most effective means of protection.


Thursday 28th April 2022


10:00AM -12:00PM – ‘AOPn Kiwi’ Meeting

Private event


2:00PM – Discover the OYA pack

A case containing the OYA software suite and equipment for supplying and processing fruit and vegetable stations.

By Gilles Tetenoire, Fondateur from OYA Project C-LIBRE

OYA is a modular software platform including the management of harvest forecasts, the recording of bins from the field to the processing workshops, full traceability monitoring up to the sale and all the management modules of a ERP. Developed with web technologies and on an open-source model, OYA is easily deployed in isolated stations with a simple LTE/3G/4G connection or wifi. Come and discover OYA around a simple demonstration including harvest forecast, producer input, sorting and storage of processed products. All installed from equipment that can be contained in a suitcase.