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Wednesday 26 April

2.00pm: Agriculture and energy: discover our sustainable solutions to combat climate change.

Speakers – Marike Brezillon-Millet (agrivoltaics Officer) and Léa Chevreux Warode (agricultural engineer for BAYWA R.E).

Combining agricultural production and electricity generation on the same plot: a Utopian dream? Agrivoltaic farming is a tangible and sustainable solution that limits the impact of climate change on fruit and vegetable growing. With the increase in extreme climate events (heatwaves, hailstorms, frost attacks, etc.) sensitive crops are protected thanks to elevated structures and double-sided panels that let light through.

The workshop organised by BAYWA R.E, designed to be interactive and convivial, will aim to present our solution consisting of semi-transparent photovoltaic shades and the first results obtained. It is your opportunity to ask our experts all your questions and discover our larger-than-life AgriPV scale model on our stand!


3.00pm: Pesticide residues: analysis, control plan and regulatory development

Speakers – Céline Taffin, (regulatory Watch Manager) and Fabien Merillac (technical Sales Engineer, Phytocontrol).

Faced with food safety crises, as an actor in the agri-food sector you are confronted with the demands and vigilance of consumers regarding the quality and safety of food. Self-checks, measurement uncertainties and new instructions from the DGCCRF: the regulatory framework on pesticide residues is constantly evolving to guarantee food safety. Identify changes and grasp opportunities.

Thursday 27 April

11:00am: Financing opportunities and energy savings for players in the agricultural and agri-food sector.

Speaker – Kévin Singer (engineer consultant at ILEX ENVIRONMENT). 

Public subsidies, energy saving certificates, Low carbon label, energy performance contract: discover an array of financial levers dedicated to supporting the sector, and how to benefit.

2:00pm: How to incorporate cut flower growing into your production ?

Speaker – Laurent RONCO (director of ASTREDHOR).

French, locally grown cut flowers have enjoyed an upsurge in demand in recent years. What ranges of flowers should you choose? What production calendar and what strategy to implement according to your local market? Laurent RONCO, Director of ASTREDHOR Méditerranée, will answer all your questions.

3:00pm: Mediterranean production of plants and cut flowers, a credible alternative in response to climate change.

Speakers Antoine Lamy (general manager Floren’Sud) and Malorie Clair (Cut flowers project manager, Excellence Végétale).

Production is highly concentrated in Holland with gas heated greenhouses and 20 hour-a-day lighting. Consumers are therefore in demand of locally grown flowers produced in unheated greenhouses. What is the situation of French production through the presentation of the Bleu Blanc Fleurs programme? What productions in the Mediterranean basin can meet these challenges?

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