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Who visits?


Over 6,000 international buyers:
Medium Size Large Scale Retail Distribution, Importers / Re-exporters, Trading Groups, Wholesalers, Canteen & Catering Services and Suppliers Retailers, Brokers, Transport and Logistics Policy Makers, Refrigerated and Frozen Food Storage Suppliers.
Among which 150 VIP international buyers representing the most important 35 markets in term of import of Fruits and Vegetables. These buyers are selected according to their needs and to their motivation to participate in business meetings organized with the exhibitors during the medFEL.


VIP buyers registered for medFEL 2016:

Albania, Algeria, Germany, Saudi Arabia, Armenia, Austria, Bahrain, Belgium, Belarus, Brazil, Burkina Faso, Cameroun, Canada, Colombia, Ivory Coast, Denmark, United Arab Emirates, Egypt, Spain, Finland, France, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Iceland, Israel, Italy,Kuwait, Luxemburg, Malian, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Qatar, the United Kingdom, Czech Republic, Senegal, Slovakia, Sweden, Tunisia.

Visitors testimonials

  • “The VIP programme is very well planned and organised; I was able to establish new business contacts…”
    Fadi AYLOUSH Fruit Line Trading - United Arab Emirates
  • “medFEL gave me a chance to meet partners from countries that do not usually take part in trade fairs. We are able to make better use of discussion time than at other fairs.”
    Martin BALCELLS Total Produce Nordic - Denmark
  • “The concept of BtoB is by far the best and most efficient to exchange ideas, discuss cooperation.”
    Maciej PORZEZINSKI - Food Distribution Logistics - MGL Metro Group Logistics – Poland
  • “As a fruit and vegetable importer for Algeria, I took part in the business convention and established some good contacts, particularly with apple and peach suppliers. I am most satisfied and I also discovered the Saint Charles platform; a very good trade fair”
    Kouider Bouterou - COLD STORE - Algeria
  • “Like last year, the meetings were fruitful and the organisation met the organisers’ ambitions. In addition to the prearranged meetings, I had numerous discussions in the aisles and at the “relaxation” stands. It was an opportunity to get up to date with the year’s business and to identify new ways forward”
    Liliane Peytier - PRONATURA - France
  • "A very well organised trade fair; it was very informative, giving even small producers the opportunity to work with the British market"
    Craig BUTTRESS - Pauley's (Groupe BRAKES) - United Kingdom
  • “The fair hit the target. I ask for Citrus, Apples and appreciate the role of planning in the success of the meetings (approximately 20)”
    Mohammed Salah Ouzdamir, TAMIMI Company - Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
  • “A big thank-you for the welcome, the organisation and the professionalism; my visit to Medfel was a very interesting and positive experience. I was looking for apples, pears, peaches, nectarines, apricots and grapes to import into Saudi Arabia. The presence of transport and logistics companies gives the trade fair the complementarity that it needs for its business”
    Kamel Berriche, Carrefour Express Al Salam - Kingdom of Saudi Arabia