10 years of fruits and vegetables in France by medFEL
The international business gathering of the fruit & vegetable sector taking place in France
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medFEL 2017 videos

International business gathering of the fruit and vegetable sector
Results of the Challenge FEL’INNOV by medFEL announced
Transporting fruit and vegetables, a key innovation driver within the customer relationship
Fresh fruit and vegetables: what destinations best promote France’s export strengths?
Potato planted area estimates for North-West Europe
How should upstream production be structured in order to meet demand generated by scaling up the organic sector?
Peaches/Nectarines: 2016 European campaign report and 2017 French harvest forecasts
What are the communications challenges facing the organic fruit and vegetable industry?
Production and consumption of Mediterranean ware potatoes
European apricot harvest forecast
What are the challenges for identification labels?
Production and marketing of Mediterranean early potatoes
Melon planting forecasts for Morocco / Spain / France
Tutti frutti: a feast of fruit and vegetable news
Analytical surveillance programme for potatoes and their processed products
Official opening
Presentation of medFEL 2017


medFEL 2016 videos

MEDFEL 2016 - Review video
Pesticides – reopening the dialogue between NGOs and farmers at medFEL?
What new technologies are available to ensure better environmental protection
The development of mass distribution in Africa
Water and climate change: a challenge for the Mediterranean
European Peach/Nectarine harvest forecast
New fruit and vegetable sea routes in the Mediterranean
What customers want from their lettuces
Melon planting forecasts for Morocco / Spain / France in collaboration with APREL
European apricot harvest forecast
Official opening
Survey of organic fruit and vegetable consumption. Market trends and the buying behaviour of regular customers.
Opening session: the Mediterranean as a bridge between Europe and Africa
Microbiological control plan for F&V and derivatives, and prevention of health risks
Winter lettuce campaign assessment and production forecast


medFEL 2015 videos

MEDFEL 2015 - Review video
Political and economic transitions in the Mediterranean: what are the prospects for the agrifood sector?
European Peach/Nectarine harvest forecast
Mediterranean table plums
Melon planting forecasts for Morocco / Spain / France in collaboration with APREL
European apricot harvest forecast
Fruit and vegetable quality regaining consumer confidence
Removing obstacles in order to conquer new apple markets
Impact of the Russian embargo on the apple market
Mediterranean wholesale markets
Is the development of new plant varieties tailored to the specific requirements of both production and the organic market?
Launch of Red Apricots of Roussillon AOC label


medFEL 2014 videos

MEDFEL 2014 - Review video
Water and food security in the Mediterranean
Melon planting forecasts for Morocco / Spain / France in collaboration with APREL
European apricot harvest forecast
European peach-nectarine harvest forecast
High school fruit and vegetable competition awards ceremony
Innovation and development in the melon industry
Collective trademarks in the fruit and vegetable sector
Organic melons: development of European production and quality requirements of specialised organic distribution networks and the hypermarket / superstore sector
5+5 Agriculture dialogue and CIHEAM
A wide-ranging campaign to encourage people to eat fresh fruit and vegetables
The Mediterranean's dynamic and logistical challenges
Control of pesticide residues and other contaminants in the agrifood sector