10 years of fruits and vegetables in France by medFEL
The international business gathering of the fruit & vegetable sector taking place in France
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The featured product: garlic, onion and shallot are the stars of this edition

medFEL‘s featured product: garlic, onions and shallots are the stars of this edition

France is a major player in the production of these condiments within Europe. Production has increased in recent years, reaching a total of 473,000 tonnes in 2016. France is Europe’s No. 1 producer of shallots and its 4th largest exporter of onions. As for garlic production, this is often segmented by regional origin labelling with no fewer than 4 PGIs (Lomagne white garlic, Arleux smoked garlic, Drôme white garlic and Lautrec pink garlic), one PDO (Cadours violet garlic) and one product awarded “label Rouge” certification (Lautrec pink garlic).


Present at this 10th edition of medFEL:
  • Key sector stakeholders including Top Alliance, Saveurs du Midi, Coopérative Origine Cévennes, les Aulx du Sud-Ouest etc.
  • Keynote presentations on production and consumption of these products both in Europe and globally,
  • A programme of events organised throughout the exhibition.


Spotlight on Cevennes sweet onions:

The Cevennes sweet onion was the first French onion to obtain PDO status. This appellation guarantees specific production conditions (the crop is grown in a multitude of small terraced plots), giving the product its particular characteristics: a sweet, juicy onion that is neither sharp nor bitter. This form of production plays a significant social and economic role, but also incorporates environmental and landscape management. Showcased at medFEL since its first editions, this year’s event is even more eagerly anticipated, both in terms of a national and international clientele. Thierry Gastou, Director of the Origine Cévennes cooperative